Monday, July 17, 2006

Easy Breezy Beautiful

It is reported that New York will hit 38 degree Celsius in the upcoming days. Although it is merely in the low 30s here, I cannot help but turn on the air conditioner on. Our professors have been asking if we can fall asleep at night. While fellow students are shaking their head, I'm only questioning the amount of my upcoming electricity bill.

It is finally raining I couldn't help but hum the "Easy breezy beautiful (Cover Girl)" tune. For the past week, I have refused to open the window. I'm convinced that it is cooler with the windows closed, even if the air conditioner is not on.

In other news, my scheduled departure is the 2nd earliest among the foreign exchange students. In April, I have packed and brought back a suitcase worth of jackets and other things. Earlier this month, I packed another suitcase worth of clothes and shoes for Rob to bring back. Even the one suitcase that I have in my room is 3/4 packed with more clothes. What have I done?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sticker Pictures~

We abused the new sticker machine~! It has a few new options; it even sends pictures to cell phones! Here are a few pictures: