Friday, September 30, 2005

Dead End

Last night, Rob and I drove pass a dead end. It was pitch dark. There was a parked car on the opposite side; it's light was illuminating inside and it had attracted our attention. For that second, I saw an African American male facing the passenger's seat. Looking at his facial expression, I could tell that he was enjoying "whatever he was doing." Mind you, it was a dead end.

Quite disturbing, I say.

P.S. Before then, Rob and I met up with Tom and Johnson. We met them over the summer, and we see them every week. They must be extremely bored to be hanging out with a couple. Anyway, it was fun. We went to Flamingo Cafe on Northern Blvd. The food and coffee was... eh, but the desserts were YUM!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Boyfriend w/ Benefits

A week ago, I didn't have a suitecase. Rob then offered me his extra ones. My phone was broken, and Rob gave me his old one. (Of course, I broke that, too.) I needed someone to take care of my banking and operating transactions. I found someone to take on the Power of Attorney with me. In other words, I found someone to pick up my checks.

I have someone who would offer me his jacket when I am
cold. I have someone to hold me when it's chilly. Most importantly, I found the perfect candidate for all tasks; I found someone to rely on at all times.

I think the greatest example is that I would know who to call if I were to have a flat tire (and if I were to have a car, of course). Even if he is incapable of helping, it is great to have someone there 24/7, someone to whine to, to complain to, to bitch to, etc. The best part is, I don't have to limit myself or hold back. Heh.

Meet Adriane

She's turning 5 next week. Isn't she adorable?

For the past month, she has been building things with our collection of rented VHS. Yesterday, I got bored and built a well by myself.

When she would sing songs from Barney or school, she'd teach me. Also, she would make sure my father prnounces Yu-gi-oh correctly.

Her last complaint was why her 3rd grade brother won't let her kiss him when she leaves for school.

Once she told my father to make her a dish she likes. We couldn't figured out what. In the end, we found out that she had mistakened pork for chicken.

In high school, she was in the car while my mom drove a classmate of mine. My friend was chubby. Adriane asked, "How come she has so much muscle?"

P.S. My book shelf looks like a stationary store.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

5 More Days

It's gradually hitting me that I'm leaving soon. All day long, I would be sipping on my cup of tea until my teeth turn yellow. Mostly, I would be idling and thinking. I'm not necessarily depressed, but I have been thinking a lot.

Admittedly, I did not believe in long distance relationships. However, in the past few months, our relationship has given me so much to look forward to.
Rob, Rob, Rob!

I was talking to my best friend Hayley from Australia. I've known her my whole life. Last night, she reminded me how much I've changed.

In my freshman year, I vowed that I will not have a boyfriend in the 4 years of my college career. I debated. I argued. I was determined. At last, I fell in love.

Rob and I have spent so much time together. To be exact, we spent everyday together in the summer. Everyday, minus his trip to Taiwan and my trip to Cali. Rob calls it the "honeymoon" stage.

Our purely mutual friend, Tom, questioned if there has ever been moments where we'd run out of things to talk about. The answer is no. In fact, we spend at least 2 days a week at a coffee shop for at least 40 minutes. Not to mention, we spend everyday seeing each other, chatting online, and talking on the phone, too.

One day, Rob suggested that passion ends in 5 months. I defended, "Passion ends when a grown man can't get it up anymore." It's one of the couple one liners that we couldn't believe had come out of my mouth. Perhaps my leave is a luxury. By next Summer, we get to renew the cycle.

I hope this honeymoon era will never end.

Degree Progress

Ever since I had accepted the nomination to study at Chiba University, I had abandon my determination to graduate on time. In Japan, I will only be taking 3 classes that will count for my degree. That is out of the average 10. With 2 majors and a minor, I dropped the idea of graduating with my peers.

Recently, I discovered that I can still graduate on time. With the new Winter session (3 credits in 3 weeks), summer classes, and the option to petition to overload, it makes it possible. Most importantly, I found out that I only have 6 extra credits. It doesn't make sense to spend an extra semester for 2 classes.

At last, I will probably petition to overload when I return. Then, I will graduate on time! =)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Farewell Dinner

There isn't much to say about the dinner. Just some pictures. A typical dinner, Tang-style.

Be Gentle, It's My First Time

As we made our ways around the crowd, Rob greeted his friends, "Guys, she has never been to the homecoming parade." It was an experience.

For the past day, I thought I had a canker sore at the closing of my jaw. Instead, my wisdom tooth on the lower left side is growing. Braces had definitely prepared me for the pain. It's just bothersome.

Growing up sucks. It constitutes my 3rd "first time." Since college, I've paid most of my way. I've paid for everything but a portion of my tuition. This year, they will not spend a penny on me. Today, I had a dinner with my parents. I offered to pay for dinner. Who would've known that my mom actually accepted my money! There goes my ipod nano!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Awkward Silence, Sexual Tension

The topic "awkward silence, sexual tension" came to the table with my group of friends. They asked if the girls feel the same tension that guys feel. I can only speak for myself, but I've never felt any sexual tension during awkward silence. I've experienced awkward silence due to the lack of conversational topics, but never along with sexual tension.

Speaking of awkwardness, I informed my dad of the schedule for my flight. He was cooking. I came out of the room nonchalantly, and said, "My flight is on Sunday at 11 am." Perhaps, "Oh," was uttered. My dad has finally come face to face with my departure.

Since the beginning of time, my father and I don't spend much time talking. Our quality time is spent with him shopping for food and cooking dinner, and me eating it. It's our way of being appreciative. Our quality time is also spent staying at home in our individual rooms. I used to bring soccer questions to the dinner table. Whenever my legs are sore, I bring that to the table, too. Because then, we would have something to talk about.

I read a lot of interesting facts in "Why Men Have Nipples." I've probably read most of it before from random magazines. Comments about health and sciences seem to be looked up upon in the family. Last night, for the first time, I continued to refute every myth I heard on the table. I may have even brought attention to a random topic. I would speak out, "Actually..." Until, my father debated, "You can't base everything on a book." I did not defend myself, because he was right. He continued, "It's different for everyone." Once again, he was right.

At last, we get a phone call to turn on the tv. So, we did. There was a breaking news last night, broadcasted live. A Jet Blue plane, with approximately 140 passengers, had problems with its landing gear. Basically, the front wheel was twisted 90 degrees. As the plane circled around to dispense fuel (a precaution for a possible fire), our eyes were stilled on the tv. Larry King spoke to many guests on the telephone on CNN. Many ex-pilots, directors, etc. were giving predictions as to what will happen. Soon afterwards, the plane landed safely likely to their predictions. There were a few sparks created from the alumnimum on the runway, nothing scary. It was very much like the ending of a movie.

Throughout the broadcast, my father and I spoke. There I was, translating whatever I've heard. It reminds me of the Olympics, World Cup, or even Wheel of Fortune, because those were the times we spoke of a common topic.

3rd entry for the day

I have been thinking about my departure for the past month. Until the day September has arrived, I knew that I wouldn't want to spend a milli-second frowning when I'm with Rob. I did not want depression to take over. I rather spend every second wisely than to spend it thinking about my departure.

I make it sound like it's some horrible thing to study abroad. The experience will doubtlessly be great. I'm simply not as excited as people expect me to be.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Name Is...

Since the beginning of time, I've used my Chinese name for legal documents, and Stephanie was used for my academic records. My Chinese name is used so rarely that I am on the edge of forgetting it. All until Stony Brook. One day, I decided to put Stephanie (Hiu Ying) Tang on my application for my name ID. Who would've known that it was all over campus from then on.

A month ago, there was a name discrepency at the financial aid office. Soon, I had to change my school record from Stephanie to my Chinese name. From then on, when I call the school, they would greet, "Hi, Ms. High Ying Tang." Mind you, it is pronounced Hew Ying Tang.

That brings up another question. Because it is in my passport, Chiba University (the school I'll be studying in at Japan) will also know me as Hiu Ying Tang. The whole world will soon know me as Hiu Ying Tang ~ everything but ONE credit card that reads Stephanie Tang.

I forgot to mention that I'm finally in the process of naturalization. Soon, I'll be able to change my name to WHATEVER I want. What a scary thought.

Counting Down...

Only 11 more days left, what a scary thought. Soon, I'll be surrounded by black hair, pale skin, and yellow teeth. Eek!

As for preparation, I bought the books, "The Dante Club," and "Why Men Have Nipples." Study abroad classes are not challenging (or so I've heard). I figured I need to keep my brain functioning. Furthermore, I bought a winter coat and a Fujitsu laptop. I'm getting mixed messages. Some say clothes in Japan are expensive, others say otherwise. I already got my student visa, scholarship, most financial aid, and MEDEX. MEDEX brings an interesting topic. MEDEX is short for "Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Policy." In other words, it's an insurance policy that covers the act of delivering my corpse. Eek!

In addition, Rob and I have setted up our webcam. It's unbelievably clear. From time to time, I would see his roommate, Jackson, pop on the screen. I never know what's going on, because everything's moving so fast.

For the month of September, I've seen various doctors. I got my Hep A shot; it is recommended for those who visits Asia. Yesterday, I finished my consultation with the allergist. Apparently, I'm allergic to dust mites, GRASS, etc. Yep, when I get a house of my own, I'm not mowing the lawn or dusting! Muahahaha...

I've visited Stony Brook the last few weekends. Although there weren't any plans for dinner and what-not, it was pleasing to bump into everyone on campus. Most friends would ask when I'm leaving; others question if I'm excited. Jane and I must admit that we don't really get "excited" as the date is drawn near. My explanation is that we know we will be gone for a year; When you weigh them together, your time in New York is off-balance. Thereafter, my attention is drawn to that.

Anyway, it has been fun. Mostly, I've gathered with my mutual friends with Rob at Stony Brook. This small group of friends who can withstand the appearance of a couple is growing. We met 2 freshmen. It isn't something I'm accustomed to. Normally, I make friends in class, at work, or from other friends. That's the beauty of making friends - You expand your horizon (not to sound gay).

Most things have been settled. I found 3 classes that will count towards my degree. They are, "Fundamental of Imaging Science," "The Contemporary Japanese Economy," and "Modern Japanese Economy." Because of the limited classes that will count towards my degree progress, I will be staying in the university for an extra semester or two. I am looking forward to take classes in Japanese studies and its language, foreign language classes, such as French or Chinese, and GYM CLASS. Soccer, volleyball, tennis, karate, and judo, here I come!

Wake me up when September ends...

P.S. My flight is on Sunday, October 2nd. Non-stop 14 hrs flight! Oh, I miss plane food.