Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Souvenirs from Taipei~

A few weeks ago, Rob came back from Taiwan with lots of small gifts. I love them all. Here are some pictures:

I really enjoyed the movie "CJ7" by Stephen Chow. I particularly liked the children that were in the movie. Meet CJ7.
The following is a Japanese product. Our pictures are embedded in these key chain dolls.
A close up of my Rob's.
This is a minature of us. You give them a picture, and it is made to order. This is our second one. Although it looks nothing like us, at least, they don't look ugly like our first minature. Now that I think about it, doesn't it look like HK actor and actress, Leon Lai and Maggie Chu?
This is a look back at our first minature. I got it for Rob for our 2nd yr Anniversary. I do see SOME resemblance, but it's hideous. I ordered it online and they shipped it from Mainland China.

They sent me pictures during the whole progress. I actually thought they did a really good job looking at the photos below. However, the colors really killed it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cruise to Bermuda

Last year, we went on the Norwegian's Spirit Cruise to the Bahamas. This year, on our 3rd year Anniversary, we celebrated by going to the Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas Cruise to Bermuda. The highlight of the ship includes rock climbing, ice skating, basketball court, and minature golf. Last year, we went to Pearl Island Snorkel, Parasailing, and a Disney water park. This year, for our excursions, we chose to go to Shipwreck Snorkel in the Bermuda Triangle and Scuba Diving!! Both ships were very different. We chose Royal Caribbean this year because it is highly reputable. We took so many pictures with our new camcorder and underwater digital camera. The following are a sample of pictures and videos:

This was the video that we took before we jumped into the water. There were 8 of us splitted into 2 groups. The instructor was French, and we couldn't understand him clearly. It was more complicated than we expected. Some of the things that we had to learn were:
1. What to do if there's water in our air tube;
2. What to do if there's water in our goggles;
3. How do we equalize as we go deeper into the water;
4. What to do if our air tank runs out of air;
5. How do we share air with our partner while under sea;
6. Simple sign language;
7. How to inflate and deflate our life jacket.

This was much more complicated than it sounds. We signed our lives away. There were so many things that could potentially harm us under the sea if we touch it. Also, all of us got a few scratches here and there.

This was a video that we took while we were under water. There weren't many fishes in this clip, but the instructor finds a lobster and shows us.

Due to high wind, rockclimbing was not always available. However, Rob had a chance to try it.

On our first day, we had a mandatory evacuation drill.
Like all other ships, we had a formal night. Each dinner was banquet style. We made some friends at our assigned table with 2 other young couples. 97% of the ship was occupied by cruisers age 40 and up.

Our ship at Bermuda. It's much bigger than it looks.
Every day, our stateroom attendant would make us a towel animal. Can anyone guess what this was? For 2 days, we thought it was a roasted duck. Can't help it if we're Chinese...

On the ship, entertainment included comedy shows, parades, midnight buffets, etc.

That's me with a heavy tank and weights on me.

This was at the famous Horseshoe Bay.

They surely are talented when it comes to making animals. We also got a puppy during our stay.

Awaiting for a after-dinner show with my Pina Colada~

A view of the top deck with the swimming pools and jacuzzis.

Some of the architecture in Bermuda.

Random photo.

We specifically purchased snorkelling gear for this trip. We didn't want to put our mouths where everyone else was.

Some fossils that we found at Horseshoe Bay.

A picture of one of the parades.

For dinner, we ate shrimp cocktails, lobsters, steaks, escargots, etc. We usually doubled up on desserts. Heh.

This was one of the many decorations on the ship.