Wednesday, February 13, 2008

( ^.^ )

Recently, Rob has been invited for an interview from multiple schools. He's everywhere. We are still waiting to hear from the California schools. As for me, there has been much changes at my workplace. My end-of-the-year performance assessment went very well. I received my bonus for last quarter. Now, I am continuing my program with the leadership portion. My last class is in July. Hopefully I'll be promoted then.


A few weeks ago, Rob and I celebrated our 1000th day anniversary. We went to see the Phantom of the Opera and dined during the "Restaurant Week." There was so much anticipation, because I have wanted to see Phantom of the Opera since I was 12. We were seated in the second row; everything was close. Even with my weak eyesight, I was able to see their spits and sweats. Though I have heard the soundtrack, I never knew the exact storyline until the night of the show. In the end, I was disappointed at the ending and storyline. Perhaps, it was overrated. Another disappointing factor was that people wore jeans and sneakers. How foolish was I to have thought that the audience would be different at a classic like this. On the bright side, the execution of the performance was 2 thumbs up. =)


In other news,