Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Story -- At Work

The turnover rate in the banking center is high. I have only been in the bank for 9 months, and I have seen many people come and go – but for good reasons though. They have all left for either promotions or relocations. For the past few months, there haven’t been any movements. Consequently, dramas start to build up as we see each other more and more often.

August (Banking Center Manager) – A Long Island Italian guy who is new to Manhattan but isn’t new to the bank or to the position. He’s the “pleaser.” He’ll only tell you want you want to hear. At first, I thought he’s the most desirable manager that an associate would want. However, he would never take a position. In some aspect, he’s border line incompetent – and I’m being nice.

Kadene (Assistant Manager) – Her name gets butchered by customers. It’s pronounced Ke-deen. She is recent management program graduate – the same program that I am currently in. Because the program requires no knowledge of what the tellers do, graduates of the programs may sometimes have little respect from them. How do you manage the tellers if you don’t know what they do?

IK (Teller Operation Specialist) – In layman’s term, she’s a teller manager. We call her IK, because her real name is Ikponwosa. She’s like the teacher that you loved and hated. She’s effective and she lays her foot down. The tellers have the utmost respect for her.

Leo (Small Business Specialist) – He would be Brain in Pinky and the Brain. He has a strong sales track – the bread-winner of the bank. The entire teller line (aka Pinkies) to perform free labor for him. As a teller, your job description is to do teller-stuff and make your referral goals. He has got all of them to work overtime for free. They actually want to do the mundane clerical tasks for him all day long. He’s basically got a group of bitches.

To be Continued…